Kids have different concerns and process events differently from adults. Moves, while stressful for everyone can be very stressful for them. They are often going into unchartered territory. It’s best to keep the mood positive. The announcement of the move should be done as a family, and in a comfortable way that allows everyone to have input and express themselves. Kids will have issues. So, it’s important to offer reassurance. Friends and school will continue, perhaps with some changes. Make sure kids understand the importance they play in the situation. Give them tasks to complete and ensure that they have an awareness of how important their role is. Explain to them how you will be utilizing mobile storage. Fantasize with them about how great it will be to see new things and a new place. Finally, make sure that they have time to say goodbye to what for them may be the only home they know so far. Be respectful and make it a family affair to say goodbye together and then hello also together at the other end.

Key Takeaways:

  • Allowing your kids to take an active role in the move can help put their minds at ease.
  • Get your children daydreaming about their new home by asking how they want to decorate their rooms.
  • Walk through your old home and say goodbye to everything, then say hello to your new home.

“The announcement of a move will be a big moment for your kids. Even if you’re only moving a couple of blocks away, those blocks can feel like a whole new world for them.”

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