House Tours contains a number of helpful tips on how to organize your bedroom closet. If you don’t have real closets, you can use wall racks, hangers and closet systems to create storage space. Decluttering is important; use the direction of hanger tips to track how long it has been since you’ve worn an item. Keep your most worn items at eye level and the least worn ones up high. Also, be sure to use floor space and vertical space. Consider using curtains or screens instead of closet doors. Shoe organizers, shelf dividers, and stackable laundry baskets are all useful in optimizing the use of space. A final tip is to use luggage pieces to store out-of-season linens and sweaters.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consider using wall racks, hangers and a closet system if you don’t have enough closet space.
  • Make use of floor and vertical space; use a shoe organizer and shelf dividers.
  • Consider replacing closet doors with curtains or screens, and add lighting in your closet area.

“To get you inspired, we’ve rounded up this super helpful list of ways to organize your bedroom closet, courtesy of tips we’ve found on House Tours.”

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