Read below for more ideas on how Ray Mobile Storage can help with moving and storage. Here are some helpful tips and some additional storage information.

FAQ’s for Ray Mobile Storage

Where do you deliver the storage container? How long can I keep it?

Mobile storage near Winston-Salem is storage delivered to you at your residence or business. You can store the storage container(s) there or with us for as long as you need it.

Where is your delivery area?
We deliver just about anywhere in the Piedmont Triad. By using a different delivery system, we have fewer width and height limitations than other mobile storage container businesses.

Ray Mobile Storage can also deliver to a broader range of locations on your property. We do not limit the placement of the container to your driveway or the street out front.

Do I need to be present for delivery and pickup of the container?
You do not have to be present for delivery or pickup under normal circumstances. Rentals can be made over the phone without the need to come into an office. We offer contactless delivery/pickup and relocation. Just detail where you want the container placed when renting.
When can I get my container and how do I schedule?

Easy scheduling, call us at 336.331.9944 and we can place you on the schedule in a day or two at most. Sometimes we can offer same day delivery based on availability.

We deliver/pickup containers M-F and offer some Saturday scheduling as well.

How should I pack my container?
When packing containers try to evenly distribute the weight throughout the container. Pack your boxes fully to prevent shifting and collapse. Use straps when needed to reduce shifting during transit. Place boxes under and on tables and chairs with the heaviest on the bottom.
What can I pack in my container?
Remember not to pack hazardous materials, flammable materials, animals, or humans into the container.

We recommend not to pack irreplaceable artifacts, deeds, legal notices, currency, or other extremely valuable items into your container. Refer to your lease for further information.

Have a storage issue at your business?
Mobile storage can be a great asset for securely storing excess inventory, building materials or parts.
Additional ideas and valuable tips.
Mobile storage allows for the items you need to be right there where you need them most.

Load and unload the container at your own pace.

When packing for a local move make sure to label and even color code the boxes so you’ll know which room you want them to go in when unpacking the container. A little more time up front can make the unloading/unpacking significantly easier.

Make a notification list for the everyone who needs to be notified of your move. File a change of address with the post office as well.

Units can have at least 2 and up to 4 of your locks added to the latch to secure your belongings.