Best Uses for Businesses to Use Mobile Storage Near Winston-Salem

What Is Mobile Storage?

Mobile storage, or pod storage, is a handy service that provides storage units on any location of a client’s choosing. If you need some extra space to store various items temporarily or even permanently, this service will present an ideal solution.

Mobile Storage Advantages

Mobile storage has several advantages over traditional storage types:

  • It’s less costly than regular storage.
  • You can access it quickly without disrupting your timeframe.
  • Your items will be at hand and secure.
  • Even large items like furniture pieces can be loaded and unloaded with ease.
  • You don’t need to rent or drive large vehicles such as trucks.

Mobile Storage for Business Use in Winston Salem

The most common place you see mobile storage pods is in someone’s yard or driveway. However, this doesn’t mean portable storage is suitable only for personal use. Businesses can use this service effectively, too.
Some of the most common business uses for the service include storing items or business paperwork and moving employees to a different location.

How Can a Business Use Mobile Storage?

Mobile storage can find use in various industries, including:

  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Logistics

In the case of retail, storing extra merchandise or off-season goods in mobile storage is a great solution. A storage pod can also become a pop-up store, taking sales to any location imaginable.
A construction company may also benefit from mobile storage. Equipment and inventory can be placed in the pod to keep it safe and in one place.

This storage service is also a perfect fit for supplies, which can come in handy in logistics and even for businesses sponsoring events.

Generally speaking, any business can take advantage of the benefits mobile storage brings. Besides the mentioned employee relocation, important documentation can be stored in pods for safekeeping.

Best Mobile Storage Service

If you want a local mobile storage option, you can’t go wrong with Ray Mobile Storage.

With quality service from Ray Mobile Storage, keeping your items safe will become less stressful and practically hassle-free. You won’t need to worry about limited choices, truck renting, or self-storage options. Instead, you’ll have an excellent and convenient storage solution.

Ray Mobile Storage rents pods on a monthly basis, similar to how self-storage works. However, with Ray Mobile Storage, the container will be delivered wherever you want it, including to your front door!

The units we use are made of quality steel and built to be extremely convenient. At the same time, the pods are entirely resistant to weather, which means your belongings will stay in the same condition as when you stored them.

Mobile Storage Solutions

You can never predict when your office might suffer a disaster. And we don’t mean the business type.

Imagine a storm suddenly hits your area. It would take only a single unfortunate lightning strike or a powerful gust of wind to send a tree crashing down. You could leave your office in normal condition one day and find it in ruin the next morning.

Then, while dealing with repairs, you’ll need to find a solution for your files, documentation, and office furniture.

Without the right mobile storage service, this would be a massive headache. But with Ray Mobile Storage, you’ll have a helping hand.

As quickly as possible, your files, furniture, and any other items will be stored in a sturdy and secure container. Even better, the storage will be right next to your office while you do the necessary repairs.

If you want to secure your business from such unfortunate scenarios and believe you could benefit from a premium mobile storage solution, get in touch with us here today.