Self-Storage vs Portable Storage Pods
Before you decide which type of storage is best for you, it’s important to understand the differences between self-storage and portable storage pods…

Self-Storage is those big facilities you will see in towns and cities with storage units you can rent. With them, you will be given a locker or unit and a key for access. These are great for storing items you don’t need quick and easy access to all of the time.

Storage Pods or Mobile Storage
On the other hand, Mobile Portable Storage Pods come to you; they are what you sometimes see in front of people’s houses. Storage Pods are more accessible and convenient to get to, as they’re right by your house. That said, with storage pods, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get your stuff to the storage facility, as you can simply walk it from inside your house to your pod. Not to mention, you can even hire people to do it for you! Click here to learn more about the advantages of storage pods or contact us here for more information.

While you may have seen those storage pods in your neighbor’s driveway, did you know that realtors and contractors are using them as well? That’s right. Not only are storage pods great option for homeowners who are move or just need a little extra space, they are also the best option for realtors and contractors.

Why Realtors are Choosing Storage Pods
Get that Sold sign in the yard with Ray Mobile Storage…

Realtors can safely store clients’ belongings in these affordable and secure containers for staging the house or during the process of moving into a new home. Ray Mobile Storage can deliver and retrieve the items in storage, saving both time and energy.

Benefits of using Storage Pods for Realtors:

    • Storing signing and marketing materials: the various signs, brochures, and catalogs can easily become too much clutter for one small real estate office, so having a storage pod on site can be a convenient and effective way to neatly store and organize materials.
    • Decluttering the home: It is well known that neat, organized homes sell faster than disorderly ones. And storage pods are the perfect solution for clients whose homes need some decluttering. Without having to part with sentimental items, storage pods offer a way to declutter while still keeping the items.

  • Add or remove furniture for home showings: The showing of a house is all about giving buyers the chance to envision the potential of a home… but this can be proven difficult to do with misplaced furniture. With storage pods, you can easily remove unnecessary furniture so that the home becomes more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Storing home-staging accessories: A well-staged home has many accessories– such as flower arrangements, dining settings, blanket folded over the sofas, and art on the walls– thoughtfully placed throughout the home. A good real estate agent knows that they need to keep their accessories accessible at all times. Storages pods are a great option for doing this and storing unused accessories.

Why Contractors are Choosing Storage Pods
Relieve the headaches caused by customer complaints, damage claims, and theft of valuable equipment with Ray Mobile Storage Pods.

Nobody wants their things messed up or damaged by a renovation crew– and you don’t have to worry about that with mobile storage pods. Keep your furniture and valuables in our safe and secure pods so that nobody can mess with it. And for the Contractors, we’ve got you covered too– are you tired of coming back to a job site and finding that some of your materials and/or equipment has been stolen over night? Worry no more with Ray Mobile Storage Pods.

Benefits of using Storage Pods for Contractors:

  • Preventing theft: Oftentimes, construction work requires the use of expensive materials and equipment. And sometimes, the sight of these materials and equipment can lead people to get sticky fingers overnight. With storage pods, contractors don’t have to worry about their materials and equipment for a job being subject to theft, as they are all locked away in a secure place.
  • Bad weather: As stated in the aforementioned bullet point, construction work often requires the use of expensive materials and equipment. Not only can these items become subject to theft, but if there is bad weather over night, they can also become subject to damage. With storage pods, you don’t have to worry about the weather, as your materials and equipment will remain safe and dry in these secure, weather resistant containers.
  • Saving space: Keeping a clean and organized work area helps the project go a lot smoother. Having equipment just laying around can not only mess this process up, but it can also increase the time it takes to complete the project. This is particularly the case in urban areas, where there is little space to execute the job. But with storage pods, you don’t have to worry about having equipment everywhere because when you’re not using it, it can be easily stored in an organized place.
  • Insurance: When you’re working on remodeling someone’s living room or other area in their house, the last thing you want is the claim that you damaged their furniture during your work. With storage pods, you don’t have to worry about this because all of the furniture that goes in the construction site can be stored in a safe and secure place where your crew can’t mess it up.

With all of that said, if you’re a realtor or contractor and anything you’ve just read interests you, contact us today here. Thank you!