What is Mobile Storage?
Mobile Storage, also known as pod storage, is a type of service that comes to your home and allows you to store your items in a provided unit. Mobile storage is great if you need just a little extra storage space or if you need a place to keep your furniture safe during renovations.

Advantages of Mobile Storage

  • Cost-effective
  • Secure
  • Adheres to your timeframe
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • No renting or driving a big truck

Mobile Storage for Businesses
You may know of mobile storage as the pods you sometimes see in people’s driveways or yards, but did you know that they can be used for businesses as well? That’s right, mobile storage is great for any business that needs a little extra storage place or is perhaps moving an employee to a new location.

Some Ways Businesses Can Use Mobile Storage Containers

  • Retailers can store off-season or extra merchandise in mobile storage units
  • Construction companies can store equipment in them
  • All businesses can use mobile storage to help relocate an employee or office
  • When a business sponsors an event, they can use storage pods to store supplies
  • During remodeling or construction, mobile storage is great for keeping inventory safe
  • Mobile storage containers can act as pop-up stores or mobile field offices
  • All types of businesses can securely store files and records in mobile storage units

Mobile Storage Services
Ray Mobile Storage offers local moves with very affordable prices. Make moving less stressful by having more choices available.

Mobile storage is a great alternative to renting trucks or in some cases self-storage units. It’s definitely the most convenient option.

Like self-storage, Ray Mobile Storage pods are a type of storage rented by the month, but unlike traditional self-storage, Ray Mobile Storage offers the convenience of having your mobile storage container delivered to your door! All of our mobile storage units are steel, weather resistant, and extremely convenient.

So, whether you’re moving an employee or moving offices, Ray Mobile has your back!

Mobile Storage Solutions
Imagine, it’s 2 AM and there’s a horrible storm brewing outside of your window. The wind is blowing so loudly, you can hear it beating against your house. The rain pouring so hard, it’s beating down the grass. And then, BOOM. One strike of lightning hits the wrong place at the wrong time and a tree comes crashing down on your office… Just great.
You wake up in the morning to find your office in ruins– now you have to find a way to repair it. But what are you going to do with all of your important documents, files, and not to mention the furniture in your office? Well, Ray Mobile Storage has got you covered!

Have the peace of mind that your furniture and files are in a safe, sturdy storage container near your office while you’re having the tree taken out of your workspace and the office fixed from the damage.

If you think that your business could benefit from our mobile storage services and solutions, contact us here today. Thank you!