Self storage units help customers in the middle of transition. Traditional facilities provide security, devoted employees, and packing supplies, while portable containers are more versatile and can offer actual delivery of possessions. It’s important to understand potential customers. The average American moves 11 times during their lifetime. Property renters are considerably younger than homeowners, who are more settled and far less likely to move. However, a recent study showed that older individuals are becoming increasingly likely to rent. Portable storage units come in a range of sizes.  Customer loyalty can be won by offering suitable options and honest pricing. The key is to make the experience a positive one.

Key Takeaways:

  • The average American moves 11 times during their lifetime, with renters moving more than homeowners.
  • The renter demographic is typically younger but has is becoming older.
  • Portable storage will keep customers moving along at a pace applicable to their shifting personal journeys.

“Self storage can better serve customers by tailoring marketing efforts and available options as a moving company would.”

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