Why Realtors and Contractors Use Storage Pods Near Winston-Salem

Self-Storage vs. Portable Storage Pods

Self-storage and portable pods might look like the same thing at a glance. However, the two have several crucial differences. Before making a choice, you should understand why storage pods aren’t the same as self-storage.


Self-storage is, in essence, a massive facility that houses storage units. When you rent self-storage, you’ll get access to a unit or locker with a unique key. This storage type is excellent if there’s no need to access your items quickly.

Mobile Storage (Storage Pods)

Unlike self-storage, a portable storage pod will come to you. Instead of a facility, your storage will be placed wherever you want it – usually right in front of your house or office.

Since they’re so close, storage pods are effortless to access. In other words, you can get to your items anytime and as frequently as you choose. Of course, the same goes for storing your items – you won’t need to worry about transport to the facility. All you’ll need to do is walk over to the pod and store or take what you need.

The best part is that you don’t even have to store items yourself – you can hire someone else to do it.

There’s plenty to say about storage pods and their advantages. If you want to learn more, you can find a great resource here. Or you can click this link to contact us and get more info.

Interestingly, storage pods aren’t just a great solution for private purposes. Businesses can benefit a lot from this storage type. In particular, contractors and realtors use storage pods quite often.

Why Realtors Choose Storage Pods in Winston Salem

Many realtors find great uses for mobile storage pods. The secure and affordable containers can hold the client’s belongings while the house is being staged or during the move to a new home.
And when realtors use a professional service like Ray Mobile Storage, all items can be delivered or brought from the storage by our workers. But there are even more benefits for realtors when using storage pods.

Storage Pod Benefits for Realtors

  • Marketing material and signage storing: A smaller real estate business might have trouble storing all of the catalogs, brochures, and signs. A convenient on-site storage pod will make it easier to store these materials and keep them organized without cluttering the office.
  • Leaving the home clutter-free: As a rule, it’s easier to sell an organized, neat home than one bursting with clutter. But sometimes decluttering can seem like an impossible task, especially if clients aren’t willing to part with some items. Storage pods come to the rescue in these situations, allowing all items to remain stored safely while the home gets a sparkly clean look.
  • Removing unnecessary furniture: When it comes to home showings, buyers won’t come to see the furniture or other household items. Instead, they’ll be interested in how the space will fit their vision. In such cases, the furniture will only get in the way. Luckily, it’s easy to store the furniture quickly and put it back once the showing’s over.
  • Accessible staging accessories: When staging a home, realtors will use many accessories. You have wall art, blankets, dining settings, and flower arrangements, all placed strategically and with care. That’s why it’s very useful to keep such accessories at hand for quick and easy access, and storage pods will provide just that.

Why Contractors Use Storage Pods

Contractors have a lot to worry about if they receive a customer complaint about damaged or stolen items. This is understandable, as no one wants to call a renovation crew only to find their belongings wrecked by accident.
Storage pods give customers peace of mind by providing a safe space for all valuables. But, besides satisfied customers, contractors can benefit from storage pods in other ways.

Storage Pod Benefits for Contractors

  • Theft prevention: It’s become commonplace for contractors to leave their pricey equipment and materials on-site overnight, only to find some of it missing the next morning. This can easily be prevented by locking the valuable equipment in a secure storage pod.
  • Weather protection: Getting stolen isn’t the only thing that can happen to equipment spending the night on-site. Even if nobody lays a hand on a single item, bad weather can come suddenly and damage or completely destroy materials and equipment. Again, a storage pod is an excellent solution here since the containers are completely weather-proof.
  • Space management: Experienced contractors know that a tidy work area means a smoother project. This particularly applies to urban areas where space is already in short supply, and any cluttering may prolong the project significantly. With storage pods, every tool and material needed for the job will be stored in one place and organized without hassle.
  • Insurance considerations: If valuable items from the client’s home are damaged during a project, the contractor can be held responsible. Depending on the value of the damaged things, a small lack of care or simply bad luck could turn the entire project unprofitable. However, items can’t be damaged if they’re safely stored away far from the construction site. This is precisely what storage pods allow contractors to do.

If you’re a contractor or realtor, you’ll probably find some additional interesting ideas for storage pod use. In either case, you can get in touch with us today using this link and discuss any details you’re interested in.