If you are moving to a new home or temporarily using a storage facility inventory your belongings is a great idea. If something should happen to any of your possessions you will have a great record to give to your insurance company. You can use labels on the box by item or by room, and you can create an itemized list of the items inside each box. You can also use electronics to help by utilizing a variety of moving apps such as Sortly (organizes pictures based on rooms) Moving Van or Moving Day to create electronic lists.

Key Takeaways:

  • Home inventories can be beneficial for moving, whether you’re moving to a home, or just a temporary storage unit.
  • Keeping itemized records when moving is important, so that if anything is damaged or goes missing, it makes it easier to deal with insurance.
  • When a move is planned, it is best to start inventory early, so that you don’t get overwhelmed doing it at the last minute.

“Not only does this help you keep track of your stuff, but it also makes unpacking easier because you’ll know what goes where.”

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