We asked kitchen professionals for advice on how to make kitchen remodeling more successful. One tip is to try a kitchen island before you buy one. Throw one together with cardboard or plywood and see whether you like having it in the middle of your kitchen. Another tip is to set up a temporary kitchen to use while the main kitchen is being redone. It further helps to think ahead and leave space for future appliances (e.g., you may want to buy a larger fridge later). Waiting until your base cabinets are installed before measuring and ordering cupboards is good practice. Another piece of advice is to think about storage below cabinets and with backsplash racks.

Key Takeaways:

  • When you start to remodel your kitchen, it can be very exciting, but it is scary at the same time.
  • A kitchen island is a good option if you need more counter space to work on.
  • If you put an island in your kitchen, it will cause the traffic patterns in the room to change.

“To make it slightly less stressful, we asked kitchen pros for ideas about how to make the process easier, less expensive and more successful.”

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