Packing is, of course, at the center of moving. It takes time, patience and dedicated space to make it work. Start with a plan and a timetable. Have a central location and get all the supplies you need before you begin. It’s also wise to get rid of all the things you have not used and will not be needed at your new destination. It may be hard. But a little ruthlessness goes a long way and leads to a lot less packing. Don’t overbuy if not necessary. For example, it may be easy enough to pack some things inside furniture drawers, using soft socks and other home objects to keep them safe. Keep to the plan as much as possible and hire help if a time-crunch seems inevitable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make a to-do list and a timeline, then begin packing fragile items first.
  • Say goodbye to items you don’t use often, and decide what to donate, give away, or sell.
  • Use suitcases and drawers to pack items, and wrap fragile items in towels or sheets.

“No matter the amount of time you have until moving day, start as early as you can with arranging your packing. Don’t save it for the last minute – trust us.”

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