Many of the trends in home decorating that were popular in the past year, may not be popular moving forward. One of these is the use of shiplap. Shiplap, or farm style decor is seen as something that needs to be left to real farmhouses. Another trend that could be leaving is the use of cheap replicas of vintage items. There is a plethora of real vintage items that can be brought back to life. All white kitchens are another trend that is not going to last.

Key Takeaways:

  • The need for privacy is replacing the desire for more open home designs.
  • The need for cheaper replicas is diminished, as people find high quality vintage items that they can bring back to life.
  • The shiplap farm look is not going to be as popular for new decorating opportunities.

“A new year is always time for a fresh start — and yes, that’s most definitely the case when it comes to home design trends.”

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