We are entering that time of the year when our dwellings need to be properly maintained for the winter, or completely winterized if not used at these months. While general maintenance tips hold true regardless of the season, winter time requires special things done to your house. One of the common things that many owners fail to do is empty the external pipes to prevent freezing. This is easy to do, but often overlooked. Make sure you check the sealings around the windows and repair the cracked ones.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the most important tips for winter home maintenance is to insulate the home’s pipes.
  • Pipes in colder parts of the house, like the basement and attic should especially be treated to insulation.
  • A waterproofing sealant to protect the masonry on your roof is a very good idea.

“At this point in the year, most people are getting sick of cold weather and rain, but the unfortunate fact is that there are still  weeks of winter left, so it’s important to be prepared. If you own a home, taking a few precautions now could wind up saving you a lot of stress, hassle, and money down the line. Learn more about what steps should be taken to better prepare your property for this harsher weather by reading below. The sooner you act, the better!”

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