For people looking for storage options, portable storage provides them with new opportunities. With traditional self storage, units are rented from facilities and consumers move their stuff in themselves. These facilities offer security, climate control, and a variety of unit sizes. With portable self storage, a unit is delivered to the customer. The storage unit can be kept at home, moved to a new location, or stored at a facility. This method is versatile and private, although you do have to pay delivery fees. Portable storage is often the better option during home renovation or when moving to a new place.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since people need storage for various reasons, the units can reach up to 20′ x 30′ feet in size.
  • Each storage unit is built with a durable metal frame that is weatherproof to protect your belongings against the elements.
  • These storage units can be loaded at the site of the items, making it much more convenient for the consumer.

“Self storage facilities may also offer portable storage as an additional service for their customers. These are the type of operations that will pick up a filled container and return it to their facility for storing.”

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