When you are moving large or fragile items you have to remember that they will be very different when moving them. With large objects you can freely move it around, where as a fragile one you have to make sure that you do not move too much or you’ll break the items. The way you pack the items are also different as when you are using fragile items you need to use cardboard to make sure it doesn’t move.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure that you are using the right packing materials when moving fragile objects.
  • When you are moving the fragile objects, make sure you know that they are secure.
  • If you think that it may or may not break, and you can afford copies, get a copy.

“Moving isn’t just stuffing boxes with clothes and packing up that VHS collection you forgot was in the crawlspace. When moving day comes, you’ll have to shift a lot of items that require some extra care.”

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