Properly storing holiday lights and decorations will make things easier every year. To store lights without tangling, wrap them around a cardboard rectangle cut-out. Use paper towels or old newspapers to wrap ornaments. Separators used for beverages can work for ball-shaped ornaments, and egg cartons are nice for small trinkets. Rather than trying to fit it in its box, wrap an artificial tree in shrink wrap or place it in a tree-storage bag. To store wreaths, invest in a cheap clothing rack. Garland should have its own storage bin and beaded strings can go in an empty soda bottle. Tinsel can be wrapped around cardboard, taping the ends.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cut rectangles out of cardboard and wrap your lights around the pieces to avoid tangling.
  • Use old newspapers or paper towels to wrap ornaments, and use egg cartons for smaller trinkets.
  • One way to store wreaths is to hang them on a cheap clothing rack.

” we know about storage, and we’d love to offer some tips to make next year as smooth as possible.”

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