Why Choose Storage Pods in Kernersville

Self-Storage vs Portable Storage Pods

Before you decide which type of storage is best for you, it’s important to understand the differences between self-storage and portable storage pods…


Self-Storage is those big facilities you will see in towns and cities with storage units you can rent. With them, you will be given a locker or unit and a key for access. They are great for when you need a little extra storage for things you don’t need immediate access to.

portable storageStorage Pods

On the other hand, Portable Storage Pods are the option that comes to you; they are what you sometimes see in front of people’s houses. Storage Pods are more accessible and convenient to get to, as it’s right by your house. That said, with storage pods, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get your stuff to the storage facility, as you can simply walk it from inside your house to your pod. Not to mention, you can even hire people to do it for you! Click here to learn more about the advantages of storage pods or contact us here for more information.

ray-mobile-storage-podsWhen to use Mobile Storage in Kernersville

Mobile storage, or storage pods are great for when you need a little extra room to storage your things in. But did you know that they also work great for when you’re cleaning out your house or apartment, or even for storing your furniture during home renovations or painting rooms.

Some Dos and Don’ts with Storage Pods in Greensboro


Get the appropriate size: Size matters when it comes to storage pods! Too small means all of your items won’t fit, but too big means wasted space. Get just the right size for your items.


Put the heaviest items on the bottom: Putting the heaviest items on the bottom not only prevnts the bottom items from crumbling under the weight of what’s on top of them, but also prevents you from having to bring down super heavy items from the top when you’re unpacking.


Label everything that you are storing: Labeling everything you store makes life so much easier when you’re looking for something or unpacking. Just imagine having to go through every box just to find one thing that you forgot which box it was in.


Forget to create an aisle: An aisle makes everything so much easier when you’re going to loo for something or needing to take out just a single box.


Store any type of food: Storing food is just asking for trouble. Putting parishable foods in a storage pod may cause a horrible smell if it goes bad, or attract ants and other bugs, which wouldn’t be good at all.


Store wet or damp items: Storing wet or damp items is also asking for trouble because they will lead to mold in your storage pod, which I know no body wants.