Mobile Storage packing tips

If you have a lot of unused items around the house, you may want to pack them away in a mobile storage container. It’s important to use proper handling materials like sturdy boxes, so that your belongings can stay protected. Also, you may want to label all the boxes with permanent marker in case you have to grab something quickly. Other self-storage tips include, but are not limited to, organizing the storage unit, packing heavy items on the bottom, and even creating a map of your storage unit so that you can navigate it easily.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are several self-storage packing tips, including using good packing materials and boxes.
  • Make sure to fill your boxes correctly and use newspaper or packing chips to fill in the gaps.
  • For unboxed items such as furniture, you can use these old sheets or blankets to keep the dust off them.

“the next step is to get all your stuff safely packaged up and ready for the move. After all, the intention is presumably to preserve these items, so having them get damaged or broken in the process shouldn’t be part of the plan.”

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