Mobile Storage cubes are more convenient and flexible than a moving truck for the following reasons. You can order a cube and load it at your convenience, or several cubes, depending on how much stuff is being loaded up. An apartment might need only one cube where a home might need a few more. You can store your cube at the warehouse until you are ready for delivery, whether it is across town, or in a new state. You also aren’t stuck driving a big, bulky truck and there is not a deadline you need to meet to return it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mobile Cubes have become a welcome option for many travelers. It takes driving a big bulky moving truck out of the equation.
  • Cubes can be dropped off and you can load them at your leisure. The company will pick them up and deliver them across town or across the country.
  • Many companies can store your items for that in-between time from leaving your old home to moving into your new one, if timing is not perfect.

“Whether you are moving the contents of a small apartment from one place to another or moving all the furniture in a house over a long distance, moving is always a challenge. However, there are ways to make it easier for yourself, especially when it comes to storing and transporting your belongings.”

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