If you are using a mobile storage unit, you want to follow a few tips to protect your belongings. Since many of these mobile units are small, you’ll want to maximize your space by filling boxes completely. Also, you should organize the unit so that you can access each box easily, and label each one with permanent marker, too. This, in combination with a written inventory list, will help you access your belongings easier. Finally, you should never store food or wet items in your mobile storage unit as they could create mold and mildew that may ruin your items.

Key Takeaways:

  • Try to use fewer boxes by filling each one as much as possible.
  • Leave an aisle through the middle of the unit so you have access to boxes in the back.
  • To avoid pests and mold, don’t store food or wet items.

“Do you know how to pack a mobile storage unit? If you answered yes, that’s what everyone says. But when it comes to packing up everything, they make the same mobile storage mistakes that everyone does.”

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