Hiring professional movers may win in terms of convenience, but these services can often be too costly for those who are already in the midst of relocating. Companies such as AAA offer leasing programs which allow customers to rent storage containers to move their things from one location to another. The containers are delivered directly to the location of your choosing, and your only job is to fill it up with the items you intend to take with you. Once the container is filled, it can be delivered it directly to the new location.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you’re moving, consider renting a mobile storage unit to help with the process.
  • The containers can be dropped off at your home and you can have as much time as you want to fill them.
  • On moving day, the container company will move the unit for you to your new home.

“This could be your driveway, the street in front of your home, or another location on your property.”

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